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 Italian Car   Other People's Cars I've Driven

Since my own car kept getting run over by trees, I can’t own a car of my own anymore. But I used to have a bunch of friends with really nice cars that I got to drive. Here’s a list of the most memorable. (I hope to have pictures later, pending litigation.)


Ferrari F50

This was one red hot little number. This one and the Diablo were the shortest cars I got to drive. (The Diablo was the shortest, only about knee-high). It was so low, I wanted to see if it would fit under a semi tractor trailer at 120 MPH. I figured that since the Diablo didn’t fit, maybe going faster would make the F-50 fit. Well, when I gave the keys back, I told my friend that he was lucky, because now he had a convertible. Pearl (my wife) thought that was funny. I think the car was made in Italy.


Lamborghini Diablo

See Ferrari F-50 above. I think the Diablo was made in Italy.


BMW 830i

I got hired to drive this car across the country for some rich guy who was moving across the country. That way, he could fly and I got to drive. I almost made it out of the parking lot, too, except the car wouldn’t fit between the great big concrete posts holding up the parking lot sign that said "Not an Exit." And I must have tried at least a dozen times. I was gonna give it another go, but the motor finally fell out. I think the car was made in Italy.


Porche 911 Cabriolet

It had good tires, but not great tires. And in Colorado, you need great tires. I don’t think I’ll be getting a picture of this one any time soon. I was lucky to bail out when I did, cause just 200 yards later, the car went right off the road and over the mountainside. I think it was made in Italy.


Chevy Corvette

This one was a classic 63 with the divider down the back window. That divider thingy is supposed to make it worth more than the 64, but in my case that’s what got the car crunched. It’s because of the divider thingy in the back window that I didn’t see the moving van behind me. Other than that, it was really nice.


Coming Soon!

Earl’s TV and Appliance Repair Web Site Extravaganza Supreme Deluxe will have a page devoted to Other People’s Boats I’ve Driven. Don’t expect any pictures, though, cause I can never remember to take pictures before I drive them.  And once they're underwater, you can forget about taking any pictures.


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