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I welcome any and all comments and questions.  If you email me, here's what will and will not happen:

1.  Your email address will never, ever be shared with anyone else.  I maintain my web site just for the fun of it.  I'm not partnered with any businesses, corporations, or any other groups or entities that would want to know your email address.  I won't even share your information with my dog.

2.  However, if you do send me an email, I reserve the right to put it on my web site along with a response.  Sign it with a pseudonymn, so I don't use your real name.  If you don't sign your email with a name, I reserve the right to just make one up.  I also reserve the right to edit any emails I receive for language and length when I put them on my web site.  But I'll do my best not to alter the intended message.

That's it. 

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