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I know a lot of you missed me (I know because I got letters from BOTH of you!), but I'm back, with my own domain, whatever that is, and a lot of new stuff!

If you're new here, then you’ve stumbled upon Earl’s (that’s me) personal own web site. Welcome to my world. Here, you’ll find all kinds of things from TV sets to TV set parts, and everything in between. And I mean everything. My TV and Appliance Repair business is doing great, especially now that I've expanded my business to include trailer leveling.  But it can always use some improvement, you know what I mean?  So I said, "Well, hey! Why not advertise on the Web?" So that’s what I’m gonna do! But it won’t be blatant or anything like that. You’re gonna have a lot of fun on my personal own web site, I can guarantee that (just like can I guarantee all my TV and Appliance Repair work here at Earl’s TV and Appliance Repair), and you’d better bookmark this site, because I suspicion you’re gonna be all over this site like a duck on a June bug. So, let’s get started.

Here's a picture of me:
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Sorry, all you single ladies out there.  I'm already married to the luckiest lady in the world. 

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  Me at work!

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Just think, if you give me a call here at Earl’s TV and Appliance Repair, I could be working on your dishwasher in no time, in just seven working days. Call now, and I’ll clean out all the melted stuff for free.

And now on to the fun stuff!  You know how it works.  If you see something you like, just give it a click!  I've included the old stuff that was popular, and added some new stuff just for fun!

Old StuffDVD Technology Demystified - Here's a explanation of the radical new DVD technology and what it can mean for you, along with a special offer to take full advantage of tomorrow's DVD technology today!

Old StuffAnamorphic Goggles - Here's the absolute best way to watch DVDs without waiting ten years for widescreen TV sets to hit the market!

Kind of old stuffBig Earl’s Movie Reviews - Thinking about going to see a movie? If a movie stinks, you’ll hear about it here first, and you might save a few bucks.

Big Earl's Science Essays - Science isn't just for smart people.  It's also for people like me!  No, really!  I'm a real scientist!  It's not an elite club, or anything.  All you have to do is use the Scientific Method!  And anybody with half a brain can do that.  I'm living proof!

Old StuffOther People's Cars I've Driven - Get a load of all the cool cars I've driven.

Old StuffBugs I've Eaten - Here's a list of all the bugs I've eaten.  Most were eaten by accident, and a few were eaten to win a bet.  One I ate just for fun, though.

Earl's Ultra-Short Stories
- Look at this!  I'm a writer!  I wrote some stuff!  Here it is!

Just Ask Earl - I used to have this area where people would ask me about TV repair and stuff, but instead, they usually asked me about life and the cosmos.  Yeah, I know!  I'm as flabbergasted as you are!  Even so, I decided to just go with it.  But if you still want to ask me a question about TV or appliance repair, I'll do my best to help you out.

Earl's Privacy Statement - I'm always open to hearing from you, so here's the lowdown.

My Promise To You
- A statement about the quality of this web site.

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